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Alexander Inventions is seeking to license and distribute its SMART Glass Warning System, Advertising, and Personal Messaging Systems to the OEM Automotive Market, and other industries. Jerry Alexander, Proprietor/Inventor created the “Windshield Warning System" in which The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a utility patent on this new technology.


Alexander Inventions for the last several years has had under development -- an innovative transparent film, remote, and the likes. During this period, Alexander Inventions tested several varieties of illuminate film to show brighter and to provide greater visibility during daylight hours. This research and testing stage led to the development of advanced prototypes as new film and flasher technologies were being created.  A full–sized automobile demonstrating the windshield glass theft device and its use in advertising messaging was produced using a HONDA CIVIC  interior and exterior auto glass. This new SMART GLASS DEVICE can be used as an anti-theft warning system, advertising, and personal messaging device, and the likes.




Alexander Inventions markets products for the automotive industry, creating two new patented products that will serve as its signature products to license and distribute:

  • Licensing right to the Windshield Warning System/ Logo's system.

  • Security alert EL, LED, OLED Film, and the likes.

  • Vehicle security Control Panel and GPS System.

  • License Plate Warning System.


The Logo’s System is operated by an on / off switch with a built in flash.The Logo’s System is activated by a controller device which offers 7 different transparent effects, such as panorama,, flashing, visibility, and more. This product comes with future technology and enables you to change your messaging with  wireless and mobile technology.

Use our Smart Glass Logo system to display the name of your company or add text to promote and advertise a product or public event. 


The anti-theft device is located with the front i/nteriorexterior windshield glass and laminated into the auto glass of a vehicle. The words “STOLEN” or “CARJACKED” will illuminate on the exterior windshield or rear glass when an improper entry has occurred.


For example, when a car has been started with the key, the exterior front windshield or rear glass will have no trace of the words stolen or carjack. On the other hand when a car has been started by forced entry, the word “STOLEN” will be shown on the exterior front or rear glass, the device comes with a wireless remote to be used in case of a carjacking. Once the assailant has driven off with the car, the victim can immediately activate the word “CARJACKED” by using a remote and/or GPS system. This will be helpful in alerting the police that the car has been stolen or carjacked and warns both pedestrians and other vehicles to alert proper authorities to quickly evaluate the situation.

  • Illuminates the word "STOLEN" on the exterior auto glass.

  • Unseen by the human eye unless activated by forced entry, remote or GPS.

  • Alert police and pedestrians that an auto-theft is in progress.

  • Warn pedestrians and other motorists to alert proper authorities.

  • Assist Authorities and Insurance Companies with recovery of vehicles.

Owner / President:

Jerry Alexander Sr. (901) 948-1244

Vice President / Marketing:

Jerry Alexander Jr. (901) 859-9157

Operation Managers:

Terrance Alexander

James Alexander

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